Biotix PRO Advanced Prebiotics and Probiotics Plus Digestive Enzymes Supplements for Men and Women Rebalance Your Gut Microbiome Health 60 Count Powder Capsules Supplement


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Did you know that the majority of probiotics on the market today are completely ineffective by the time you take them?
EVERYTHING YOU’VE HEARD ABOUT PROBIOTICS IS WRONG – Say what. That’s right, research has shown it doesn’t matter if you have 10 50 or 100 billion CFUs of probiotics in your supplement, almost all of them will either die in your stomach acid or pass straight through your body. The best way to REBALANCE YOUR GUT MICROBIOME is through seeding it with a wide variety of probiotic strains and feeding those probiotics with the best prebiotics, such as our XOS by PreticX.
SEED YOUR GUT WITH ACID-RESISTANT SPORE FORMING PROBIOTICS – When rebalancing your gut microbiome with prebiotics and probiotics with digestive enzymes, it’s important to include probiotics that can survive the stomach environment and make it to the intestines. This is where our DE111 Bacilis Subtilis, one of the most well-researched probiotics in the world, comes in. DE111 is clinically proven to support healthy digestion, a healthy immune system, proper fat metabolism, and urinary tract health.
ENHANCE DIGESTION AND DETOX WITH DIGESTIVE ENZYMES – The unsung hero of this synbiotic combo is the digestive enzymes. Enzymes play an important role in cleaning out the undesirable material from the stomach, small and large intestines. This includes microbes like Candida Yeast. Our digestive enzyme complex is one of the most complete offered anywhere, combining 13 different enzymes with 10 probiotic strains. A complete digestive enzyme complex like DigeSEB Super PB is necessary for gut balance.