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Dear fellow woodworker,

I’ve created this page for people who have these questions running through their mind:

How much money do I really need to setup a woodworking workshop?
Is my space too small for a functional workshop?
What is the bare minimum tools I need to create basic wood projects?
How do I avoid bad quality tools that will just crap out on me in the first year?
How good is good enough? Do I need to go ultra-high end to ensure a long-lasting tool?
Is buying used tools a bad idea?
What are the critical factors to setup a proper workshop?
small basement shop woodworking
setup a garage workshop
After 20 years of woodworking and coaching other… I’ve seen enough to know:

These questions are the biggest roadblocks woodworkers face today…

Ralph Chapman
Ralph Chapman – The “Small Shop” Expert

In fact, it’s so bad that I must apologize it has taken me this long to reveal my answers to all of these questions!

Hi. My name is Ralph Chapman and I’ve been in love with woodworking for more than 25 years.

And like you, I’ve struggled with buying tools, setting up my workshop and practicing my craft. But I have to tell you… All of that frustration, planning and hard-work has paid off!

I finally have things setup just right… and I love this hobby even more than I did when I started many moons ago.

All the optimizations I’ve done… the little habits I’ve picked up… and the countless techniques, tools and layouts I’ve tried… all of that has come together to make this hobby exactly what I knew it could be.

My love for this hobby is so strong that around 5 years ago I just had to share it with others.

So I began mentoring and helping other woodworkers – from all around the world – take their creations to the next level.

And as I talked to these beginner, novice and sometimes expert wood-workers, I began to see a pattern…

how to set up workshop
The Most Common Problems Beginner Woodworkers Face Are Tool Selection & Workshop Space
When it came to tools, people simply didn’t know what to get.

They were afraid of getting bad tools and wasting their hard earned money on something that would stop working within a year…

Or they were afraid of overspending and buying something that… when it came down to it… they would never even use.

They’re usually confused about which tools they need to have, and which ones they can do without. (After all, if you’ve looked inside a woodworking magazine lately, EVERY single tool is a MUST-HAVE item… even the ones that seem to have no practical purpose!)